Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Many people will have seen this book already. It has been put together by Jim McGurn and Mick Allan, two extremely experienced and knowledgeable cycle freaks. Don't be mislead by thinking that this book is a journey into bike geekdom. It's actually a very easy to read upbeat celebration of all things bike that's accessible to all, whatever your level of knowledge or your particular area of interest; any cycle book that includes kustom kruisers and gravity bikes alongside beautiful handmade road machines and the very latest speed innovations is just fine by me. The big bonus for me is that Cyclorama costs just £12.99 for a real, touchy feely paper copy that's printed to a really high standard using some stunning photographs. Let's face it, £12.99 will buy a couple of monthly cycle magazines that are pretty much filled up with ads for stuff you don't really need. Check out the preview pages or contact the guys for a copy here.

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