Sunday, 9 October 2011


Once this was a cute but plain matt black cruiser bought second hand from Ebay. The focus for this project was a pair of big fat Kenda Flame tyres that I had aquired.
The forks came with the bike but I stripped them of any parts I thought wasn't necessary and shortened them as far as I could. This helped to give the bike its stance as well as made the tyre clearances tight to the frame. 'Don't go over inflating those tyres now!'
Although the original frame had really nice curves and geometry the welding was pretty ugly. I started to add fibreglass and bodyfiller before handing it over to Phil Gay at Autocraft in Hull. After that it all went a bit serious. Phil really excelled himself at making the most of the curves and symmetry of the project. You can see why he gets to work on bazzillion £££ hot rods! 

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